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Basic structure of packaging?

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Basic structure of packaging?

In packaging design, carton is an economical packaging container with extremely high plasticity and is widely used. The packaging structure design with paper as material is various, mainly made of cardboard folded or pasted


1 Tube Folding Carton

Initially, the definition of the tubular folding carton in the packaging industry is that the box surface where the box cover is located is the carton with the smallest area among many box surfaces, but now, it is mainly defined from the forming characteristics: in the forming process, the box cover and box The bottoms need to be fixed or sealed in a way of folding and assembling the flaps.

2. Tray folding carton

In terms of shape, the lid of the tray-type folding carton is the largest box surface. From a structural point of view, the tray-type folding carton is centered on the floor, and the surrounding body panels are folded at right or oblique angles into the main box shape, and the body panels are connected to the bottom plate. Therefore, the bottom plate is not sealed by the flap assembly like the tubular folding box.


3. Tube and tray folding carton

Under the condition of forming a sheet of paper, a tube-shaped box is used to form a disk-shaped box body by rotary molding, that is, a tube-and-reel folding carton

4 Non-tube non-boat folding box

Non-official and non-salt folded paper products are all hung into sun wall packaging, dagger rice

The tubular type is formed by the continuous rotation of the body plate around the axis, and the disc type is not formed by folding the body plate and the bottom plate at a right angle or an oblique angle, but the main structure of the carton is formed along a certain cutting line on the cardboard.

The folding cartons and pasting cartons described above are all basic types. With the continuous development of process technology in the packaging industry, the infinite creativity of designers and the demand for commodity sales make the style development of carton packaging structures present a diversified development situation. There are many kinds of packaging, packaging designers need to keep in mind that no matter how wonderful and novel the packaging shape is, it is inseparable from the solid and fixed packaging structure.

Paper packaging design is to link paper materials and commodities through certain folding or pasting methods. The quality of the packaging structure will not only directly affect its strength and stability, but also affect the publicity effect and user experience of the product. When designing the structure of paper packaging, the following three factors should be considered.

1. Protection of packaging structure

Protection is one of the basic properties of packaging, which is mainly reflected in the protection of the commodity itself, followed by the protection of consumers, so as to avoid consumers being accidentally injured by some special commodities.

2. Portability of the packaging structure

Whether a product placed in a supermarket attracts customers depends largely on whether it is easy to carry. Especially for some commodities that are inconvenient to carry due to their physical limitations, the portability of the packaging structure is particularly important.

Third, the innovation of packaging structure

A uniquely shaped packaging structure is undoubtedly more eye-catching. It can play a role in publicity and promotion while playing the basic role of packaging, and even decorate and beautify the lives of consumers.

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