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What is the advantages of Heidelberg printing machine?

Issuing time:2022-05-26 11:10Author:Yehuan Editor

What is the advantages of Heidelberg printing machine?

1. The product line is complete, from the CTP plate making machine in the early stage, the paper cutter, to the core business printing machine, to the post-press folding machine, die cutting machine and other full-process solutions.

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2. The degree of automation is relatively high. When the domestic machines are still manually adjusted, they have already achieved automation, leading the industry in CP window operation, job recording, ink volume preset, automatic plate change, automatic side gauge, front gauge Feida adjustment and so on.

3. Stable highquality performance. Heidelberg's impression cylinders are rolling pillows. The rolling pillow means that when the ink is transferred, there will be no relative dislocation between the two rollers, so that the printed ink dots are more solid, just like taking a tripod, the clear and highcontrast pattern is guaranteed. In addition, due to German bearings, the basic industrial level of metal materials is relatively high. The same design, the durability of the machine is relatively good, such as the gripper shaft, cam stick, paper feeder, front gauge, etc. After countless openings and closings, it is still guaranteed. Accurate positioning ability, there will be no backand forth measurement movement, which ensures that the position of the paper is always consistent during the transfer process.

4. ①High overprinting accuracy ②High dot definition ③Precise control of ink volume ④Bright and delicate printing color

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