Scented candles have a pleasant fragrance when burning, which can soothe nerves and purify the air. If you light a scented candle on a quiet night, you can easily create a romantic atmosphere, which is very popular among contemporary young people. In order to make scented candles more exquisite, a delicate outer packaging is essential. Therefore, when designing the packaging of scented candles, it is necessary to highlight the characteristics of the product. The product logo is attached to the outer packaging. This is the most important aspect, and it is also necessary to introduce the features and functions of the product. Secondly, the design style must be concise, and the simple appearance looks more full of advanced sense. In the case of the same quality, if the packaging is more advanced, the price of the product will also be better. Simple design style can achieve this effect very well. Color matching, such as white, purple, and gold, can also make the packaging look more high-end.

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